Why should I get a mentor? Is it absolutely necessary?

There is nothing more stressful than trying to go through life figuring it all out on your own. Many of us do it, but that’s a quick road to working harder not smarter. Having a mentor has a positive impact on every stage of your developmental life and its positive impact has been heavily research and validated.

During your school years:

  1. Having a mentor has been shown to tackle two early signs that a student will drop out: Absenteeism[1] and behavior challenges [2] [3] . According to research students with a mentor at this stage of life are 52% less likely to miss a day of school and 37% less likely to skip class.

In your daily life:

  1. Life can throw curveballs. People with a mentor often show a reduction in depressive symptoms [4]. This is an incredible sign in a world that can often be filled with stressors and unpredictability.

In your career:

  1. This is where we most often hear about the need for a mentor and for good reason. Many learners, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds and/or minority status are heavily impacted by the opportunity gap. This gap prevents many from aspiring to advance careers and college. It is the number one contributor to the wealth gap that keeps whole communities impoverished. Here is where representative mentorship can really help with 55% of students enrolling in college [5] despite these obstacles.

  2. Mentors are critical to helping new talent progress through the workplace pipeline and often share their network to support their mentee in getting hired and promoted.

There is an old saying that it’s not often what you know, but who you know that determines who gets the big opportunity. Having a mentor ensures your name is being spoken positively in rooms long before your feet arrive.

These things are what makes mentorship so valuable and why you as a professional in any stage of your personal and professional development deserve to have one.

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Good luck out there!



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