Should I pursue medicine or business as a career?

As graduate of an MD-MBA dual program I want to share that you can do both and actually SHOULD consider both. As one responder mentioned, medicine is incredibly broad. There are many way to have a positive impact on a patients life.

Many people forget that medicine is a business as well and fewer than 6% of hospitals in the US are led by doctors because they lack the business awareness to take on the roles. Having an interest in both makes you an important asset in the changing world of medicine.

Here is what you should know about combined programs:

  1. Some schools require you to apply for both when you apply for the MD program, but there are others like Morehouse that allow you to apply after your 2nd year of medical school.

  2. Some MD-MBA programs will accept your MCAT score for both the MD and the MBA, but there are also a few that will require you to take the GRE to be accepted into the MBA program

  3. Program lengths 5–6 years. 4 years of MD and 1–2 years of MBA. The 1 year MBA is as valuable as the 2 year.

  4. Programs are usually structured to have 3 years of MD study followed by 1–2 years of MBA and then return for the 4th year of MD

  5. In all cases, it’s good to have a mentor to help guide you. I’m happy to help you meet a few dual degree students to get their perspectives: GABA health careers | Mentors | Tutors | Coaches