The Beginning

Our founders are both medical students that struggled to find the right study tools and right connection to guide them to success. Scrolling hours of perfect instagram photos from other medical students only made the experience more lonely. We wanted to create a community that was both supportive and honest about what it really takes to become a health professional. We wanted access to tutors and mentors that wouldn't cost a car payment for one session. We created GABA.


We have a global shortage of 2.4 million health professionals. Millions of diverse and compassionate future doctors nurses and PAs don’t even make it into medical programs. The problem: Passing standardized tests. To pass, students purchase study tools and look for mentors to help. But unless you have the right connections, it’s hard to find people who can help and know which study tools to use.


We are leveling the playing field.


GABA is committed creating content and connections relevant to every stage in the lifecycle of becoming a health professional. By doing so we hope to serve underserved communities by increasing the number of diverse candidates progressing through pipeline programs.

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