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Olivia Brumfield

1st Year Med Student (MS1)
Allopathic Medicine

Harvard Medical School

GABAnators are the heart of our community. They are hand selected people committed to sharing unique insights, mentoring others, & curating educational tools for success.

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Nikita Malion

Harvard SOM


It’s so hard to figure out everything on your own. I honestly didn’t even know where to start. Now I'm surrounded by people who get it and that means a lot

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David Brooks

Morehouse SOM


I was able to find the help that I needed within minutes as opposed to hours on IG. My sessions with Candice feel like she really wants me to win. I know I have a cheerleader

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Amber Julia

UT Southwestern


Personally, I can see myself keeping my membership just to connect with younger students. I'm always looking for ways to give back

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Mya Webb

1st Year med student (MS1)Pediatrics/Rural Medicine

UNC School of Medicine

Courtney Maddox

1st Year Med Student (MS1)
Allopathic Medicine

Harvard Medical School

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